The company staff:

Stefan Sjölund:

Born 1960 in Stockholm

Examined KTH school of architecture 1994, examine subject: full scale lighting studies for working areas

Poppius Journalist school 1988

Project leading (project R) 1998

Almost 18 years experience from different fields of lighting projects.

City of Stockholm 1999-2006 responsible for design of new lighting projects in the central areas.

2006-2010 lighting specialist working in projects groups in the field of architectural lighting and lighting design.

Founded Steamphase Aktiebolag spring/ summer 2010, the board situated in Tyresö.

Emphasis in saving energy and company branding as well as simpleness with the help of highest technical and aestetical standards was initial cornerstones when starting the consultant work.

Other business fields: Fishing equipment, industrial design, wine import (planning for 2013) and

antiquities (vintage stuff and design items from the machine age).  

STEAMPHASE: established autumn 2010, based in Stockholm City.

Working with light planning close together with the customer and other actors involved in everything from building projects to landscape planning.

I give you the key for both indoor- and exterior lighting solutions. Other

important factors as wind, temperature and sound is possible to be included

in the projects, in fact this widening of the field is part of widening the operating field of the company. All components together interact and opens the door to

use of new materials and thoughts. One of the main goals is to minimize

energy consumption for electrical components as well as put things together

in different and new ways. Future is...-now and waiting around the corner!